Should I stay or should I go?

Yesterday was my grandfather’s 80th birthday, so we all came up/down to Saint John to wish him a happy one,

We had originally planned to come on Friday after school let out at noon (the kids had a half day). Trisha was going to leave work early. Then she got an email saying that the little girl she works with wouldn’t be at the daycare on Friday, so she had the day off.


So we decided we’d leave after school on Thursday instead and have an extra day there.

Wednesday came and school was canceled because of the snow that fell overnight. By 8 or 9 the roads were perfectly clear, so we toyed with the idea of leaving then. After all, we weren’t having Bible study that night, we were having a potluck instead and surely the church could manage that without us. Thursday, you see, was supposed to snow again.

We ended up hemming and hawing too long and decided we’d just see how Thursday went, and decide when we’d leave based on the roads and weather.

Also, just before our potluck started, we got word that my sister-in-law had gone into labour. Woohoo! New baby!

Trisha checked her email and it turns out that the little girl she works with was going to go to daycare Thursday and they wanted to know if she could work then, last minute-styles. She decided that she’d go into work, and again, we’d see what it was like when she got home and make our leaving decision based on then. Play it by ear, the cool kids say.

Thursday morning came. School was cancelled again because of the expected snow.

Daycare wasn’t.

So she went to work and the kids and I got everything cleaned up and packed to go whenever we went.

Also, our nephew, little Henry, was born in the wee hours of Thursday morning!

She worked the day and. We decided we’d leave when she got home.

We hit the road around 5pm which, if we drove straight brought would’ve put us in Saint John somewhere between 11-12pm. Yay.

However, on the way, we decided to stop and meet Henry instead! Not even a who,e day old yet!

He was awesome.

Sooooo cute. Look at dem cheeks!

We ended up just crashing at the in-laws for the night and left for Saint John in the morning.

After discovering a parking ticket, because I’d parked on the road overnight… even though it didn’t snow or anything, we left and drove straight to my grandparents to surprise him for his birthday.

Twas a grand old time.

We also got a text that they’d cancelled school, again on Friday. So dumb.

If we’d known they weren’t gonna have school Wednesday-Friday, we could’ve left Tuesday and had a proper vacation.

We had a valentines supper; heart shaped pizzas and fancy drinks with my mother and April, opened late Christmas gifts, and played games of course.

So, we’re here now, having a good time… enjoying the -20°C weather.

So what?

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