Snow, Games, and Another Week

This week was another basic week, guys. Pretty tame.

We ended up having church last Saturday instead of Sunday because we were getting 10-15cm of snow… which we definitely got.

We spent Sunday inside and hung out. We are in a group chat with the people we were on AIM with in Benin 3 years ago, and it was blowing up. We shared some laughs and memories and part of my heart wishes we were there again. Annabelle and Julia have had me reading our blog posts from that time to them at bedtime lately… it’s nice to look back and remember.

Monday was our errand day. Same old making a meal plan, buying groceries, etc.

On Tuesday, Lucy and I went for a rip, bud. We took a load of stuff to New Minas to donate and returned a controller for the Switch that we’d got for Christmas. We also picked up a baguette for lunch and some coffee beans from North Mountain on the way home.

The rest of the day was spent working on Bible study stuff. Riveting.

We had church on Wednesday! It was great… but before that, I decided to play tailor with a pair of pants. I’d had a pair that was both too long and too wide in the legs… so I tried to “taper” them and hem them a bit because the internet told me how.

They turned out better than I expected.

I have this dream of being a manly man… building stuff out of wood, building my own log cabin, living off the land, etc… but I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up making dresses and stuffed animals instead.

Oh well.

We’ve been playing a lot of board games lately. Annabelle is in love with Clue. The other two don’t quite grasp it yet, so they pair up with an adult, but it’s a fun time. Julia and I won twice.

On Thursday my back was quite sore (I need to see a doctor) and I couldn’t really sit and work, so I did some standing up work and painted the trim along the ceiling in our little hallway and the window sills in the master bedroom.

I spent all Friday morning catching up in Bible reading and “designing” announcement slides for church. We’re going for the minimal type.

After Trisha we relieved from her working duties we went for a game night with some friends and played Clue (of course) and Go Nuts For Donuts.

Twas a good time.

Today we are going to a birthday party for my brother-in-law and then jointing with another church for a joint prayer meeting which concludes our 21 days of prayer and fasting.

And tomorrow we should have church! Woohoo!

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